1 Good morning. ȳϼ?
2 How's your family.
3 No, he isn't. He's out with Charlie.
4 Where are you from?
5 What do you do? ̿?
6 Let's go into FootLocker
7 What make is it?
8 Just taking a look.
9 Do you like watching movies?
10 Tell me about your family
11 Jerry, where do your cousins live?
12 Hey do you have time off today?
13 How often do you work out?
14 I had a blast.
15 What are you doing?
16 Today is what day?
17 JWhat's today special?
18 Let's take a cab to the airport.
19 What time is it?
20 What are you looking for?
21 How did you know that?
22 What did you do during high school?
23 I see. How long is it from here?
24 No problem, There is also a gas station nearby.
25 I'm looking into buying a new car.
26 Is renting a car expensive in Toronto?
27 Hey, did you know about the new hair product?
28 I am hungry. Let's go get something to eat.
29 Have you packed your bags, honey?
30 Hey, did you find a date to the prom?
31 Can you please turn down the music?
32 Please don't park like this again.
33 What on earth is this?
34 How many kilometers does it read?
35 What time will you start 'Trick or Treating.
36 What do American people wear at a wedding?
37 What did you and daddy do for fun when you were children?
38  Excuse me I need to get my cell phone repaired.
39 How long have you been an alcoholic for?
40 I'm looking for a job in the newspaper.
41 Are you ready for the test today on Korea?
42 Is there anything else that I can help you with?
43 Where abouts do you live now?